Legends 0.4.1c Released for linux/win32

After over half a year of inactivity, Legends 0.4.1c (a Tribes-like open-source game) is released!

Here’s a list of new features:

* In-game Admin setup system with plug-ins (Base Rape, Team Damage, Tourney)
* Observer Camera
* 3rd Person Reticle
* Explosions and Destroyed art for turret & inventory station.
* New Plasma Turret: model, sounds, team skins and script
* New Inventory Station: model, team skins and script
* New transitory GUI to improve art quality while developing a better GUI with new exe.
* New maps (Roughland and Ocular) for CTF
* Map updates (new skies, terrain etc)
* Deployable Station added with temporary art
* Server crash fixes on mission change
* Bugs fixed which were causing server lag � inventory accessing pause, plasma turrets etc
* Simplified Server/Client Prefs files into one Prefs.cs file, moved adminuserlist.cs to /prefs
* A lot of script changes and fixes (including the Arena Gametype)

Download here!

There are Linux and Windows clients (and servers) available for download.

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