Adobe to Open Source Messaging Protocols

Adobe Systems today announced it will release the remoting and messaging technologies used in Flex, Flash and other Adobe products as open source projects. Because the technologies are fairly mature, Adobe isn’t so much looking for help from the open source community as it is looking to get its technology into more hands.

Adobe intends to release the remoting and HTTP-based messaging technologies in its LiveCycle Data Services ES along with the Action Message Format (AMF) protocol specification under the named BlazeDS. They will be made available as public betas under the Lesser General Public License (LGPL) v3 and downloadable from Adobe Labs

The Action Message Format (AMF3) is a binary data protocol specification used in a variety of Adobe products, including Flash, which is used on almost every computer due to its availability on Linux and Mac OS in addition to Windows.

Adobe said BlazeDS will allow developers to add data connectivity to rich Internet applications (RIAs) (define), such as its Flex and AIR client technologies, for real-time collaboration and data-push capabilities. It will also allow RIAs to easily connect back to server applications ranging from Java apps to Adobe ColdFusion components. >>>>>

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