Howto: Upload Your External IP While Behind a Router

A very interesting howto written by Dr.Small, which might come handy to a lot of people, or perhaps some time in future.

I run into all kinds of predicaments when operating from behind a router, and one of them is, to be able to record my External (or WAN) IP, while behind it.

I am going to explain to you, how I succeeded in doing it, so you may do the same, if you are in the same ditch, and are like me, and run a ssh server or so. When you leave the computer, and you haven’t checked your WAN IP for days, (if you have a dynamic IP), it tends to change.

So first off, here is a list of things you will need for this project:

  1. Expect. A simple little application. I’ll explain how to get it, in a second.
  2. A external or secondary website, which you have FTP access to.

So, let’s start off and get the necessary things we need, while we are at it.

Complete HowTo

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