KDE 4 vs KDE 3.5 – Memory Consumption

Korneliusz Jarzebski has done the numbers and produced a chart showing exactly how the RAM consumption of comparable KDE4 and KDE3 sessions measure up.

The result is a mindblowing 39% smaller memory footprint in KDE 4. This just goes to show, that it’s worth making large-scale changes to your desktop environment to get the fruit hanging on the higher branches. With more tweaks and optimization, at least we can hope that it will, if not much faster, slower than KDE 3.5 on the same specs.

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One comment on “KDE 4 vs KDE 3.5 – Memory Consumption
  1. Abiha says:

    Did you mange to get it to use 100% of the GPU? I just did some quick testing with Counter-Strike Source (from 2005), and I had 70-80 FPS on my host (win7) and 50-60 FPS on my guest (xp sp3). Mind you, I’m using the Intel HD 2000 gahirpcs, but the game itself ran extremely smooth. Only the audio lagged a bit.I then cloned my guest vm and ran that one too. When both vms were running I had an FPS of around 24-27.If you find a method to utilize the GPU fully, please let me know!

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