Official OS2008 Release for Nokia Internet Tablets

Users can now download the official installer for OS2008 for your Nokia N800 Internet tablet. You get:

  • The sluggish Opera browser has been swapped out for a speedy Mozilla based browser
  • If you’re on an N800, the processor speed has been bumped up to 400 Mhz
  • Built in Flash 9
  • FM Radio software
  • A Beautiful new UI
  • Improved RSS reader
  • and much, much more.


  • This update increases the maximum CPU clock speed from 330MHz to 400MHz. The graphical interface feels snappier.
  • The browser is now the mozilla-based microb browser which seems to use more memory and slightly slower than the previous Opera browser. However, it’s free software and supports newer web standards, so I’m happy with the change.
  • The graphical interface is nicer. The designers appear to have responded to user feedback well in this area.
  • There are more codecs , but still no Ogg Vorbis support, which is very disappointing. The third-party package works fine with third-party media players, but doesn’t work with the default media player.
  • Newer kernel (2.6.21), Gtk (2.10) and DBUS (1.0) and gstreamer now supports the generic playbin

With this update, it feels like the Internet tablet OS platform is maturing nicely.

Check out the following video review on OS2008 running on the N800 made by Rcadden user:




Internet Radio

To get the OS2008 update, you’ll need to install the Nokia Internet Tablet Software Update Wizard and download the update file from If you are a lucky Nokia N810 user, then you already have OS2008 running on it, but with this update you get minor optimisations and bug fixes.

Get latest OS2008

Also, check out a very comprehensive and with lots of pics review on OS2008 by thoughtfix on his blog.

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