How to force Skype to use Alsa on Linux – howto tip

Want it or not Skype can be a popular software application. In fact it really is so popular it is the only piece regarding voice communication software several my friends use. Because of this We have an account an put it to use on my Bodhi system once in a while (at least it’s got a native : if poor : Linux client and I need not run it by means of Wine). In case an individual didn’t know : Bodhi ships together with just the Alsa sound server automagically (there are a variety of reasons because of this – none of which My goal is to get into the following) and thankfully Skype installs and also works perfectly great with Alsa : until pulse audio appears that is.

It seems one thing I installed not too long ago drug pulse audio in from it as a dependency – this might be fine and also dandy except for the fact my Skype audio tracks (input and also output) 100% stopped with the addition of pulse audio to be able to my system. Apparently the creators of Skype (inside their infinite wisdom) caused it to be so that when Skype is introduced while pulse audio tracks is installed Skype use pulse (and only pulse) minus the option to change returning to Alsa. As I stated earlier my Skype audio tracks was non-functional beneath pulse (for whatever reason) so I sought after a method regarding forcing Skype to utilize Alsa and never having to remove pulse audio tracks from my method.

The Solution :
To start, you should close Skype and kill the heart beat audio server. To achieve this in one fast command open any terminal and work

killall skype && killall pulseaudio

Next you should tell your heart beat audio server never to auto launch alone (which it can by default). To achieve this we simply must add one configuration setting with a file. To try this run the control:

nano ~/. pulse/client. conf

Inside the text file which is opened paste these line:

autospawn = no

Save and shut the file (ctrl+x when working with nano), launch Skype and you should be good to look.

Hope this will save you someone the 20 moments I spent running around Google to locate this information.

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  1. Rudolf says:

    – Hi Andi- I didn’t realize these were on your site until yseaerdty (1-18-12). Great pics as always- but I just wanted to thank you for your kind words and let you know we love you very much and we’re very proud of you and the wonderful person you are!

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