Puppy Linux Review for 2012

Puppy Linux is usually a tiny distribution that is certainly geared towards more aged PCs and providing them with a second lifetime. Puppy Linux is usually run from some sort of Live CD or maybe USB (intended for faster performance) or merely install it onto your system.

The software programs which come part of Puppy Linux are people that are specifically picked out to make certain resources are definitely not wasted while giving a productive unit. The programs which might be part of Puppy you won’t need to usually find using a distribution such seeing that Linux Mint or Ubuntu which might be geared towards more sophisticated systems but it does not mean they usually are any less practical.

There is programs in Puppy to manufacture a fully functional process, SeaMonkey which is usually a browser and email client and even more, which is centric by Mozilla (this makers of Safari and Thunderbird), for office productivity you could have AbiWord that is a light weight doc creater, GNUmeric on your spreadsheet software. Pburn is the best software for trimming, burning and copying media which enables it to also burn to help BluRay discs that’s not often you should see a program built into a lightweight supply.

You can mount and remove other programs with your system that you find that you do not use to regain space. Puppy Package Administrator (PPM) is usually a pretty straight-forward application giving you options looking for programs you would like to install on your digestive system. Users who utilized to more current desktops might complain a tad about lacking eye-candy when some sort of package is downloading the way it is opening some sort of terminal screen while using the download progress. The moment installed, PPM will you should definitely have all dependencies in order that the program running. Installing Opera cell phone browser was easy in addition to PPM even added it towards correct category, World-wide-web, for this event.


Overall Puppy is usually a quite responsive supply that tasks per se with being lean and as well specializes in a space which can turn an existing PC which is usually too slow running the latest type of Windows in a machine which might be easily used to browse the Internet, write emails and many more.

The looks might take some those who find themselves used to flamboyant desktops aback, but Puppy’s esthetics are excellent overall, even if it doesn’t appear like Linux Mint, bear in mind Puppy is designed for low resource programs.

I think Puppy Linux is excellent overall, my slight complaint would be the PPM which needs somewhat more polishing, the whole terminal window to indicate that the method is downloading is a small amount dated and just which has a simple pop in place progress bar could well be nicer and far more aesthetically pleasing.

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